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Florida High Risk Auto Insurance


About 159 insurance companies have registered in the state of Florida to offer automobile insurance policies. Each has its own rate schedule approved by the state. Among the companies authorized to write policies for car insurance are Allstate, Geico, Kemper Independence, Seminole Casualty, and State Farm.


Damage Liability Coverage Requirements

The state of Florida has certain minimum insurance coverage that must be maintained at all times if a vehicle is registered in the state of Florida. This minimum coverage is Property damage liability of $10,000 and Personal Injury Protection of $10,000. Uninsured/Underinsured coverage is not required, but is highly recommended.


No Fault System Instead of Tort

Florida uses a no fault system in accidents. This means that your insurance coverage will cover your medical expenses up to certain limits regardless of who is at fault. This system also places some limits on your options to file a lawsuit against the person responsible for the accident.


No Proof of Insurance Equals License Suspension

Proof of insurance in the form of a policy, ID card, or binder receipt from a certified Florida insurance agent or broker is required in order to license and register a vehicle. It is not necessary to carry proof of insurance in the vehicle because Florida uses a database that is regularly updated by insurers when policies are issued and canceled. If you have a policy canceled and no report of new one written, you will receive a warning letter in the mail. Failure to provide proof of minimum insurance within the specified amount of time will result in suspension of driver's license and Florida registration of the vehicle. Reinstatement fees of $150 apply to each to get them back.

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